Once upon a time there was a house

It all started like this. Back in the late 2000's my dear husband and I were lying down on the floor of our shared rented flat in London watching the 'Grand Designs' show projected on a wall in front of us. We were dreaming that one day the fusion of my creativity and his technical skill will be united in our own house project.

Some years passed and here we are buying our own little piece of land gleaming with potential. I am sure I won't disappoint you when I say it is not all that simple. We are not buying just land, we're actually buying a house we don't even want!

Oh, but a beautiful house it is!

Beautiful house

On the outside. Behind its picturesque little windows there are over decades accumulated old dirt and mess. The beam under the roof on the very front of the house has a text engraved into it. Quite a usuall practise from over 150 years ago. It cites in old czechoslovak language:

'Aj dům byl vzdelan skrz Johanes Martinez (missing words due to water damage) roku 1855 AD'. It translates to: 'A house has been built by Johanes Martinez (missing text) in the year 1855 AD'.

At the back the house has a barn attached to it and even further, there is a little cellar built within a hill. This old place has a certain charm contained within its half metre thick stone walls, bright blue painted interior walls and cobbed floors. I must admit that the moment we stepped on the land where it's standing, into the lovely gardens beyond it, we knew our search for 'the perfect land' was over.

Beautiful house

I have these hazy memories from my childhood of my great grandmother's tiny house sitting peacefully within a hillside. My mum has told me I took my first steps in its yard when I was a toddler. This house had a little sty leaning onto it and a separate wooden workshop with a wood storage. I could easily go on. The atmosphere, however, cannot be described by words. One has to experience it. This was exactly the factor we have been looking for while searching for our land. The good feeling, the positive energy, the right atmosphere, whatever you may call it. It's simple, but rare.

And we found it here.

The Land