The wooden frame goes up

Hooray, our house is taking its real form! It's finally happening!

The width, the height, the lenght. Beautiful heavy adequately air dried KV beams are being put in place, first the floor, then walls and ceiling. The building site is filled with a fine smell of wood, no nasty chemicals or lenghty moist brick work. Our decision to go with the wooden construction feels just right. Once again, it attests following our intuition. There is a fine line though. It's a bit of a battle between the best rational decision and a personal feeling of comfort and harmony.

Bottom of the house

Although I knew a wooden frame can go up very quicky, it still astonished me to see it happening.

The frame

After all, it is my house this time. I think it was a matter of 2-3 weeks and only about three builders a day. Now it looks bigger, taller. I absolutely justify my decision to lower the roof. See my reasons in Changes on the rise post.

The frame

As I predicted half a year ago, our land and therefore also anything standing on it appears somewhat towering from the road down below. It's the basic low af angles. Low angle magnifies, high angle minimizes. Being in tune with the land I knew it was a good decision to go lower. I couldn't stop feeling even more satisfied once our architect admitted it after seeing the construction in its physical form. Overall, architects also work in a fairly theoretical environment filled with norms, numbers and co-ordinates rather than real-life observations.

The frame

I am comfortable with what I am seeing.