The walls are boarded up

One, two, three

and the house shall be!

Some MDF boards

to close the walls,

and the wood fibre ones

to put a roof over the house.

At the end of October the MDF boards started defining all the exterior and parts of the interior walls. Thanks to the already present structural beams the rooms inside have also taken shape. The window openings can finally provide us with the so-much-longed-for light conditions and we can observe the actual movement and angle of the travelling sun.


The volume of the house appears quite bigger than the actual usable space inside. The planned thick amount of insulation will get us to a dimension of about 45cm and I must say I am loving it. I've always dreamt of nice deep window sills and thick walls do not contribute only to a better overall heat preservation, but also to a psychological feeling of protection, safety and comfort. It also helps to better defuse the light coming in through the windows.


The room proportions and window sizes were definitely worth re-thinking and re-measuring in my head over and over again. Even during the building happening things evolve and changes take place. Small changes.

After viewing many houses during our planning stages I was sure the main decisions had to be firm to stay. No leeway there. However, smaller, mostly design-related features were still in a natural process of modification due to a different perception of things happening in a real time in a real place. Rather than just on a piece of paper. This much can be said also about the emotional architecture right at work. Now, it made perfect sense.


I am very glad that albeit doing "the men's job" I've managed to keep my feminine connection to feelings and intuition in the process.