Our second and final design

We have made it so far, one more challenge will not put us down. I would like to share with you, hopefully, the final architecture of our house project. Here it is.

Our first house design was somewhat more romantic and traditional, though the practicality over design has been my vital requirement in both. We balanced my husband's demand of simplistic and uncomplicated shapes with little obsessions of mine in form of white window frames, for example. The overall look has been altered into more barn-like structure, dimensions of the footprint have not changed.

This is where we got in terms of a ground floor layout.


  • 0.1 - playroom/guestroom/bedroom
  • 0.2 - front entry hall
  • 0.3 - kitchen
  • 0.4 - open plan living room
  • 0.5 - full bathroom/toilet with shower
  • 0.6 - utility/laundry/boiler room
  • 0.7 - hallway
  • 0.8 - childrens' bedroom
  • 0.9 - separate wardrobe
  • 0.10 - master bedroom
  • 0.11 - master bathroom/toilet/bath/shower
  • 0.12 - staircase with pantry underneath

As you can clearly see, some re-shuffling has taken place. The front entry 0.2 was moved to the middle of the wall, and by chopping its size a little we created a space for a new full size bedroom 0.1 , which we are initially planning to use as a kids' play room and an occassional guest room.

My ultimate sacrifice during this transformation was resizing my beloved pantry 0.12 to a bare minimum. This came mostly from my realization that our current pantry we have is mostly used up by items non related to foods in any sense. A child's potty, a christmas tree, toilet rolls, a car washing sponge, a summer umbrella to name a few. All these will fit easily in the attic storage space or utility.

A new addition is a full bathroom 0.5, conveniently placed close to the front entry as well as the playroom that will occasionally double as a guest room. The boiler/utility 0.6 was previously upstairs and the staircase 0.12 has also been relocated.

Top floor layout:

We cut down the insulated attic area roughly by two thirds. What's left is one fairly large room with sloped ceiling on both sides. It will be primarily used as my husband's office and a small family study. Under the awkward sloped roof will be a generous storage space. I am planning to have my office there too, though my husband doesn't know yet. He'd rather have the space all for himself. A little man cave. :-) Who knows, I might end up having my work space in a lovely garden house with a wood burning stove one day. Oh, the jelousy.

Fortunately, coming to conclusions about our final design didn't take long. I knew my ideal size for a comfortable living would be around 130m2, under that I wouldn't want to go. We are happy that the changes made the whole layout look simpler and more functional. In addition, less floor area also means less cleaning for me. :-)

This was our first idea of the exterior finishings concept: alt

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one last important thing. We kicked the fire place out!