Knocking down a house, hey!

After long, the time had come and we did it! I can tell you, what a feeling!

Every so often we thought it was never going to happen. After submitting our application the waiting for the demolition approval seemed like ages. And, as it has happend before, somehow - coincidentally or not - just after we finally received it, our contractor was also ready to proceed. Sometimes even the best planning couldn't have provided us with such perfect timing. This way, we had done everything according to the book. I couldn't be more pleased.


The roof tiles went down very quickly. It took only about a half day. We were lucky to be able to capture at least part of it on our time lapse camera. Then the roof supporting beams followed. Our neighbours, my husband and I were all watching in awe when the JCB bulldozer started doing its part. Watching a demolition of your own house is not exactly an every day sight. We were so captivated by the the thick walls falling down like domino blocks, that we completely forgot to remove an old rusty disfunctional electrical box, where a family of yellowtails had been residing. In fact, a lot of birds had made home in the old decaying house and barn.

JCB comes

It makes you realize how drastically we're pushing the natural habitat of animals further away from our pristine residential properties. On contrary, the idea of my husband and I is to try to achieve quite the opposite. Personally, I don't fancy too much for a bear appearing in my garden :-), though a few frogs, lizards and specifically any tick and slug eating creatures are welcome.

JCB comes

When I saw the land being cleared up from all the rubble I got a feeling that it was being freed again. The house seemed very sad to look at, as if it knew its time was over. It had to be freed from the weight of life and accumulated emotions of all its past inhabitants. It had to be transformed. Parts of it returned back to earth, parts of it were put aside and are waiting to serve a new purpose. In the everlasting circle of life a certain time comes when the old simply has to be replaced with new.


After all the poetry said and done, I am happy to announce the demolition is officialy over. It had been accomplished on time, without any major problems or injuries, within the budget agreed upon.

Time to celebrate!