Changes on the rise

Do you know that feeling when you have found your little comfort zone, everything seems in order, things are the way they should be, your positive outlook on life has never been brighter and then ... it crashes?

Well, guess what? There I am.

I know there are real tragedies happening out there daily and this is primarily my internal experience that makes me feel so miserable, yet, for a while I let myself dive deep within my insecurities as I was lying sick in bed. I started randomly searching for double height ceilings of which I have never been a big fan and ended up changing the project!

No double ceiling

After I cancelled the open gallery above the living room I realized the house is a bit too big, the roof could have been a tad lower also. It has taken me about a week of scrutinizing our priorities to round up the changes. Naturally, a couple of new concerns appeared. The layout was going to be affected, as well as the look of the house. It was time to visit our architect.

House Changes

A little worried I depicted our recent findings and soon after that, as if by a miracle, the issues I struggled with were taken off my shoulders. No, things are not cleared out, not at all, but I am sure we've put our trust in good hands. What is going to come out of all of this? I don't know yet. Nonetheless, having a good architect is a win win situation.