A roof for Christmas

Just picking the roof colour took us almost three weeks. I know, we were not exactly quick. The winter was behind the door. Things got slower. Well, natural building process doesn't come with all the answers on a plate.

Fortunately, we made it before the first proper snow fall. I guess all the lucky stars have been on our side. :-) Once again, originally there was supposed to be a dark terracotta roof. When we changed it to metal, we had been pondering about the colour. It had to fit the cladding as well as the windows and since it covers a fairly large area of the house it had to complete the over look seamlessly. Choosing a natural metal finish would have been a safe option.

This is our final choice of roofing and gutters. There was no exact matching of the colours available so we picked the closest possible. The roof is actually silk grey RAL, but in reality in the daylight it looks pretty much like a warm shade of white. We didn't want to go for totally bright white. I was afraid it could have been to blinding to look at.


I don't consider myself a person who loves extremes. I have got my own individual style and I think I can appreciate good design. As always, after following our emotions and letting go of the restricting left brain thinking the image of our lovely roof came to us bright and clear. It was white. I tried to search some more images online, I researched how much heat a white roof reflects in summer, how the photovoltaic panels might look on it later on and plenty other details.

Our roof. It sits like a gem on top.


I have no doubt that a technical part of a house building process is paramount. Nonetheless, to create a liveable comfortable space is not only about numbers. It is about the balance of practical rational and emotional aspects. I want to feel good when I come home, when I am at home, when I am around in the garden. Don't you just love those beautiful snow covered white roofs in winter? So clean, so serene, so beautiful. They seem to complement every house without any effort.


We were anxiously expecting the roof fitting. How was it gonna look at the end? Fitted around Christmas time, it was a perfect gift for us. The weather was very strange this year. Whole towns were covered in impenetrable white fog and cloud. The first time we saw the roof, it blended almost seamlessly with the sky.