An imperishable house?

The sustainability and eco renewability were very important factors in our house planning. I do not have any doubts that if our house will be maintained »

The new windows

Our beautiful new wooden windows were fitted over two weeks ago and I've been in love with them ever since! They represent quite a hallmark of »

A roof for Christmas

Just picking the roof colour took us almost three weeks. I know, we were not exactly quick. The winter was behind the door. Things got slower. »

My house design preferences

As we, people, are all different, we have different preferences about our approach to life, our priorities, our attitude towards others, we naturally tend to have »

The wooden frame goes up

Hooray, our house is taking its real form! It's finally happening! The width, the height, the lenght. Beautiful heavy adequately air dried KV beams are being »

Laying the foundations

August 2015 came with its pleasantly hot summer weather and a busy school holiday schedule, but most of all, it happend to be the month of »

Changes completed

So it happened that we've gone through a full circle of re-evaluating our priorities and finalised the most important ones. I am deliberately not saying all »

Changes on the rise

Do you know that feeling when you have found your little comfort zone, everything seems in order, things are the way they should be, your positive »

Construction materials

Let me tell you - what an odyssey! All the available information and choices have been giving me quite a headache. Obviously, like everybody else, I »